About me

I am Annica – named by my sister, after the friend of the rebellious Pippi Longstocking. I am the daughter of migrant parents, I grew up in South of Sweden and  I am living in Brussels, Belgium, since 2010.

I have more than 17 years of professional experience of public affairs, communication and representation. Since 2018, I am working with filmmakers’ rights in Europe. Prior, I worked 8-years for a European civil society network. In the past, I have mainly worked with human rights, equality, non-discrimination and migration, in a Swedish and European context. Today, I cover topics such as copyright, media policy and cultural diversity. I have been involved in civil society since 1999, holding various board positions and managed many projects. You find my resume at LinkedIn.

On my blog I share my reflections on issues I believe can be food for thoughts for others too, based on interesting books I read, inspiring people I meet or personal experiences. I am particularly interested in how online technology can help to promote social justice, raise awareness, contribute to inclusion and change. If you have any thoughts on this and would like to get in touch, I am happy to discuss it over a tea or you are welcome to mail me.

When l am not at work or out and about the cultural scene of Brussels, l contribute to the tech startup and community Parsd. If you, like us, is passionate about optimising digital workflows and unstructured information, then check us out!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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