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After 13 years of working with human rights, on a national and European level, I have made a career move. In January 2018 I started as a Public Affairs and Communications Manager for the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) in Brussels. While public affairs always been at the core of my work, I am now working with the culture industry and issues such as how the digital environment affects authors copyrights. I have made my passion for communication a part of my work, so I can best combine lobbying and online tools to influence decision-makers and the public. Here you can read the blog I am writing as a part of my work.


From 2010 until 2017, I worked for Social Platform, a civil society alliance of almost 50 pan-European networks of NGOs working for social justice and participatory democracy in the European Union. Here you can read the many blog posts I have been writing over the years in the capacity of my work as a Policy & Advocacy Adviser on human rights, equality and migration.

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    Cecilia Malmström

    (Det är inte mitt alterego Cecilia som kommenterar.) Grattis, Annica! Vad spännande! /Catrine

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